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ORION: PRELUDE has received a minor quality of life update on Steam regarding branch organization with multiple builds available.

BRANCHES (default) • Supports Dedicated Server Tool. • The most stable branch. (experimental) • Minor changes, including three Survival & Rampage maps. (sdkbeta) • Allows users to create, share and play custom maps. (originalbeatdown) • An early build of the 'Dino Beatdown' update from 2012. BRANCH SELECTION Step 1. right-click 'ORION: Prelude' in your Steam Library. Step 2. select 'Properties' Step 3. click the 'Beta' tab. Step 4. select the branch you'd like to download. NOTES • Once downloaded, you'll be on the new branch. • Make sure anyone you play with is on the same branch build otherwise anomalies will occur. • You'll need to give 3rd Party Server Owners some additional time to update their personal Dedicated Servers that will match your Client file. STEAM LIBRARY UPDATE SUPPORT This also includes art assets for any users using the new Steam Library Update.

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